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Ludwig the Space Dog

Ludwig the Space Dog

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My new book is out, "Ludwig the Space Dog". After having illustrated 40 books so far, this is the first book written by myself. It's about Ludwig, a dog who lives with his friends in the two dimensional world of books.

Watch the trailer here

or have a look at some of the pages ...

But he has read so much about the world and the universe, that his big dream is to fly into space, and to discover another dimension.

And one day, a visitor from anothher dimension pays an unexpected visit..

 All Ludwig's dreams and the other world he wants to discover is in 3D, to be seen with the enclosed space goggles. It was a very interesting process to learn to produce 3D imagery, and I still love putting the glasses on and off, now you see it (in 3D), now you don't.

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